Corporate Gifts

When a personal touch is the right touch.

You may have received them yourself -- buckets of popcorn, pen and pencil sets with the company logo, mediocre fruit in a run of the mill basket, tasteless chocolate in a clever shape -- business gifts that deliver the wrong message: "I didn't care enough to do anything special."

A TASTE OF ITALY is dedicated to helping busy executives choose among a dazzling assortment of gourmet food gifts appropriate to all appetites...and all budgets. Our fine products will delight your clients and colleagues. They'll be flattered that you took the time to present them with something unique and truly delicious.

Our goal is to create gifts that are true extensions of you and your company, bringing warm wishes in good taste for any occasion. When our beautiful gifts arrive, they're greeted with "oohs" and "aahs." And it only gets better when recipients start to sample the incredible tastes and flavors you've sent.

To facilitate your selection, A TASTE OF ITALY has assembled a range of interesting combinations in varied presentations. Take a moment to browse through our catalogue to review our options. Or, if you prefer, we can customize a gift to include a selection of your favorite products.

Regardless of the quantity you need, a handful or a truckload, you can be confident that every item in every gift will be of the highest quality. And, when it comes to delivery, you can rely on A TASTE OF ITALY to be on time, all the time.

If you want singular gifts of exceptional value at an affordable price, it's time to call A TASTE OF ITALY at (888) 644-8259. You won't be turned over to voice mail or connected to an apathetic "gift counselor." You'll speak directly to Steve or Gina, the owners of A TASTE OF ITALY. They'll provide unparalleled personal service and give you a level of comfort you've never enjoyed before.

Call or email at with your questions, concerns or comments.